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Ever wanted to turn back the time to when you were young, and things were simple?

FaFaFa Slot does not only have a catchy name like the rhymes we sang back then. This slot has the simplicity of those old times you are craving for.

How does FaFaFa give you that feeling?

The innocent appeal of this slot game is in its graphics, symbols, music, gameplay, and design. And you don’t have to take a trip to China to see it all!

We have taken the time to review all the interesting things you should know about this game, how to win Fa Fa Fa slot machine. Enjoy the ride!

The Interesting Features of FaFaFa Slots

Genesis Gaming has been delivering on its online slots promises since 2008. The standard didn’t change with the FaFaFa slot. This game is the easiest to play to win in their portfolio!

Talking about standards, the repeated ‘Fa’ in FaFaFa is a Mandarin phrase meaning “standard” or “law.” But does this slot meet the standard in anything more than its name?

FaFaFa Slot Review

FaFaFa slot games use Chinese symbols and colors, sticking to a traditional Chinese theme. The music gives a soothing effect allowing you to enjoy your game. Beyond the theme and music, FaFaFa’s major appeal is in the game itself!

FaFaFa slot is a 3-reel video slot with a fixed payline. This singular horizontal payline (the gold line mark in the game) increases your chances of winning.

Note that unlike other slots, FaFaFa doesn’t have a lot of features. You won’t find any FaFaFa slots, free coins, or bonuses anywhere! But, with only four symbols and a 97.1% payout percentage, who needs free stuff?

Let’s find out more about these symbols and payouts that make this classic game worth your time!

Know the Symbols and Payouts

The symbols in FaFaFa are as simple as the FaFaFa slot machine games. You won’t see different shapes or letters. The only difference with each symbol is the color! Each symbol has the same Chinese ‘Fa’ letter.

  • Red: This color pays you the highest when lined up. It’s a 100x win. Imagine getting that on a maxi bet!
  • Blue: Blue doesn’t do so bad itself with a 50x value.
  • Green: Green gives you a quarter of your bet back. You get 25 coins!

Grey: Watch out for the Grey with ANY on it! This symbol allows you to win five coins with any lineup.

With each symbol getting you some wins, you can hardly reel wrong. Payouts are also great.

You get the value of each symbol you win multiplied by the total bet. The reward is in currency, not credit. No exchanging credits for lesser money with this slot. The only thing left is to know how to play the game.

How is the Game Play at FaFaFa Slot?

Game Play on FaFaFa slot machine is a cakewalk! It starts with the bet level. You can choose any amount with a minimum of 0.02 coins. The max is 80 coins. Don’t forget that these coins are in actual currency.

Once your bet level is sorted, get ready to spin the reel. Land three similar symbols on the payline, and you’re a winner!

You will feel like a winner when the symbols burst into flames jumping out of the screen. The amount of win depends on the value of the symbol matched, though. But you get five coins at the very least.

How Do I Win at FaFaFa Slot Machine App?

Winning at the FaFaFa slot is never an issue!

However, how to win Fa Fa Fa slot machine, you need to register to play the slots first!

You can play the FaFaFa slot machine no download app at any online casino. You have to register and fulfill the requirements of the casino. You can even use an anonymous name to sign up!

At these casinos, you can either play for free or play for real money. Whichever you choose, winning is the almost sure result.

Don’t forget that you can also access this slot at your favorite land-based casinos at any time!

FaFaFa Slot Machine

Is there FaFaFa Free Spins?

While there is FaFaFa slot machine free play, there are no FaFaFa free spins!

This slot doesn’t have free spins, bonuses, or rounds, unlike other types of slots. You still stand a great chance of winning without the free stuff, though. The 97.1% RTP makes sure of it!

You might even get lucky and win a 100x bet!


Winning and enjoying a slot is not about having lots of reels or free spins! FaFaFa proves this point with its high payout and fun appeal.

Take a spin back to the simple old days with FaFaFa slot today!

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